• Tsuru Scarf - Handloomed
  • TSURU SCARF - hand loomed open weave
  • Tsuru Scarf - Handloomed
  • Tsuru Scarf - Handloomed

Tsuru Scarf - Handloomed

Regular price €30,00

* 45cm X 180cm

* 100% Cotton

* Natural Indigo Dye

* Suggested Retail Price: € 74.95

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* Hand-looming

Our artisans have a long tradition of hand weaving textiles, the weaving techniques have been passed from generation to generation and from mothers to daughters. Each community has its own special weave technique. The raw cotton used for the weaving yarns is cultivated in their own communities or purchased at the local market when the cotton is in short supply. The handspun yarns are twisted by hand which results in irregularity in thickness.